Hummingbird Food Recipe

Birds, like hummingbirds, can liven up any space. Whether they are just perched quietly on a branch of a tree or hovering over every flower that they had drunk honey from, and when they are lively chirping their hearts out. These remarkable creatures, though looking frail and rather small, have their own way of amusing anyone. They won’t remain lively all the time if they are sickly and won’t find their sources of feed that their bodies need at the right time. The law prohibits owning a native North American Hummingbird. But as they migrate to the south every year and also choose the same spot as their feeding ground, you can still provide food for them any time you want. With the best hummingbird food recipe that is just so easy to prepare, you can feed all the hummingbirds that you want anytime.

Hummingbird Food

Hummingbirds Crave Sweets

For those who have blood health concerns, too much salt or sugar is not advisable. But for hummingbirds? Never. Give hummingbirds some sweet feeds and they will adore you. This is due to the fact that these interesting birds feed on nectar. They hover from flower to flower to find the kind of sweet that they love to eat. And if you love watching these birds, you can make them stay a longer in your own garden by just hanging the right hummingbird feeder and provide the right feed for them.

If there are hummers that frequent your place, you will notice that they zoom and zip constantly from one spot to another. Such an activity gives them quick metabolism. Because of that, they will need replacements to the used up energy. They need a lot of protein, but they also need nectar that will fuel them up as they find their source of protein, such as small spiders and gnats.

If you plan to welcome more hummingbirds in your place, you have to constantly supply them with the sugar that they need to survive each day. All that you need is a feeder (or feeders if you plan to have more hummers flocking your garden, porch, or garage) properly setup and a simple nectar recipe that you can do in no time. Just have the feeders hung where you see those hummers frequent and they will soon enjoy some homemade nectar which you can prepare in no time.

Best Hummingbird Food Recipe

This is a very simple recipe that you can prepare in less than five (5) minutes. All that you will need are the following ingredients:

1 part white table sugar (this is the kind of sugar used for baking)

4 parts warm water (or regular tap water)

Using warm water helps dissolve the sugar. I use the tap water that comes out of my sink.

Bowl or glass



Mix water and sugar in a bowl using a spoon until it dissolves. Now you have a best hummingbird nectar that you can serve anytime using an appropriate feeder. Some likes their hummingbird feed boiled instead. Either way is safe for these birds.

I mentioned that it is the best hummingbird food recipe, right? You can serve them right away and just have any excess or leftovers refrigerated. This can help lengthen the shelf life of the mixture for even up to a couple of weeks. Continue reading “Hummingbird Food Recipe”

How to Choose the Habitat for Guinea Pigs

One of your major concerns if you have opted to have a guinea pig as a pet providing the best habitat for it. To help you with this, we have created this post that will tell you exactly what you need to consider when choosing (or building, if you prefer to create) the best habitat for your pet.

Types of Housing

When deciding which guinea pig cage will provide the best habitat for your pet, you may opt to have a pre-built or those that are available on pet and feeder stores, either a ready-made or a custom-made housing, or you may also opt to build one yourself so you can decide how you would want the housing to feel and look for your pet and for those who may come to check how your pet is doing.

Habitat for Guinea Pigs

Here are the three types of housing that you may choose from:


Although aquariums remain a popular choice for housing, not only guinea pigs but also other small pets, it does not mean that it is the best housing material you can provide for your pet.

Since a glass enclosure like an aquarium is sealed and solid, it cannot provide the proper air circulation that your pet needs. Most aquariums available in stores may not also offer enough space for your guinea pig. Note that your pet is a social animal, which means it will best to keep two or more in a single cage. That also means the cage needs to be big enough to provide these animals ample roaming ground. If not, they may just fight over the space and become stressed.

Allowing your pet to stay inside a totally sealed container such as an aquarium may also have difficulty adjusting to surrounding noises once you let it out. You see the sides of the aquarium can mask the surrounding noise and will prevent most of the sound from reaching the inside of the housing. Continue reading “How to Choose the Habitat for Guinea Pigs”

How to Care for Mice

No, this is certainly not the species of mouse that you find running around the attic (or the house mouse as we call it, which is scientifically known as Mus musculus) or just about anywhere. Domesticated mice have been kept as pets for a long time now and if you are thinking of adopting one or more of these small furballs, read on to know how to take care properly of these tiny pets.

All About Mice

Domesticated mice usually measure about 3 1/2 inches. This does not include the tail, however, and weighs just about 1/2 to an ounce. There white (albino) mice are the most common type found in pet stores, fancy mice (also called pocket mice) can grow up twice the size of a regular mouse. They are also available in a variety of coat colors and types. They don’t have a long life span as other pets, however. They generally live for about 18 to 30 months.

mice cage

Mice are quite entertaining to watch and are always active. Another interesting fact about these small pets is that they are highly driven to build nests as this helps them regulate their body temperature. These tiny creatures are also sensitive to light and noise. Although they can be highly spirited most of the times, they can be tamed. But as they are fragile, they should be treated with care. Considering this, young pet owners need to be supervised by adults whenever they are handling these pets.


Mice are highly sociable animals when it comes to dealing with their own kind, especially the females, so they can easily be housed together with no problem at all. Males can also be kept together if only they were placed together while they were still young. However, if both adult male mice are housed together, it won’t be impossible that there will be frequent fights. You can still house several males together only if there is enough room for all of them, nonetheless. Males and females should not be housed together as mice breed rather quickly. They also leave a lot of litters.

Three to four mice may be placed in a 10-gallon aquarium with a wire cover that is safe enough to keep the mice from passing through the strand spacing of the wire. Place the mice cages where your pets will feel comfortable and safe. There should be enough bedding as well. Mice do well in any of these bedding materials: aspen, hardwood shavings, and reprocessed paper products. Cedar and pine shaving should never be used as bedding materials, on the other hand, as using these materials for bedding may just cause health issues to your pets. Continue reading “How to Care for Mice”

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